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The Clutter Space

Writing and Moving through Moments of Change.

Why are so many of us drawn to write? Why do we find solace and empowerment in journaling, writing poems/songs, letters blogs or stories?
For some it is a cathartic experience: a time where a person can reflect upon the experiences that have filled their days, affected their psyche, and altered their paths. It is a way to make sense of what has transpired and to also appreciate or release that which no longer serves or resonates.
The Clutter Space is the manifestation of that experienced by writer, educator, wife and mother Jules Impiccini.  Across her life, Jules has used her writing to move through life stories including divorce, beating breast cancer, coping with loss of loved ones, parenting a child with special needs and just plain surviving.
This is a memoir of an ordinary person, with a not so ordinary journey, pocketed with moments of intense change, studded with gems found along the way. It reminds us always that in the end everything will be okay, we just need to find our way.
Join Jules as she reveals the supports, signs and synchronicities that help navigate the clutter space.
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About the Author

Mother, educator, writer and advocate. Jules’ life achievements are centred around working with primary, secondary and higher education students, educators and community-minded folk. Teaching in both secondary and tertiary spaces, Jules has spent her years in the field of education, furthering her own and others’ understandings and skills in English, Drama and Special Needs. Creative expression in the classroom, on the stage, via script, written text and through community projects have always been important to Jules. Her contributions include 30 years of teaching, youth and community performance work and 10 years of advocating for children with special needs to access creative spaces and classrooms. Her love for writing has been nurtured from a very young age and has been used as a creative outlet. Jules is a mother to four boys, one of whom, Beni, has Down Syndrome, Autism and a hearing impairment. For Jules and her partner Rosario, ‘Finding Beni’ has become a daily task for them and the family. Throughout her journey, Jules has found significant connections and insight via social media platforms, and powerful conversations between people experiencing similar paths. As life has become more intense and demands increased, Jules has used writing, aromatherapy, affirmations and meditation as an outlet to work through the significant happenings of her journey. Moving and writing through moments of change has become central to her first book, The Clutter Space, which is an offering to others to consider the significant moments of their lives and move through them with greater ease.

“Everything is okay for now” has become her mantra. Learning to appreciate the journey along the way is a significant part of Jules’ own approach to life and she stresses that each day counts, every life matters, and writing through moments of change brings one to a place of greater peace and harmony.