Redefining Business Success

How do certain individuals
Make business look easy?
Thrive amidst the chaos?
Maintain integrity and humility?

Gain intimate access into the hearts and minds of 7 successful business owners through a model of inquiry known as ‘The 6 Selves.’ Be captivated by a deep level of openness, typically withheld in business settings, along with a level of diversity across genders, industries, ages and business stages.
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About the Author

Debbie Zita is an Australian author and authority in Heart Centred Business Networking and Self Leadership.  Since 2012 she has mentored hundreds in Australia/ NZ and USA across an array of industries including health and wellbeing, law, design and education. Clients describe her as having the ability to ‘lovingly give them a metaphoric kick up the backside while somehow knowing, better than they do, their deepest fears and dreams.’

Her skillset spans two decades in the areas of psychology and human behavior combined with thousands of hours in spiritual development (in particular the practice of opening the spiritual heart).

Along with years and close to $100k invested and countless books studied in the areas of sales, marketing, team building and business development.

Her vision is to partake in the creation of a world where leadership positions in both the public and private sectors are taken up by more ‘heart centred’ individuals.  Her approach is simple –

‘The backbone to a heart centred society begins and ends with our leaders. The resilience displayed in modern day small to medium sized business owners provides them with the skill set to engage, impact and become the leaders of tomorrow. This process occurs by fostering emotionally intimate, respectful and diverse personal and professional relationships. The starting point is the cultivation of an ongoing intimate relationship with the hidden, unresolved and unleveraged parts of ourselves – this is known as self leadership.’

Debbie sits on the Board of Directors for New York Based charity Hope for Education Ghana, providing access to education via tuition grants.

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