The Anxiety Relief Handbook

The anxiety relief handbook is an essential resource for anyone experiencing anxiety. Whether you experience symptoms from time to time or for a long time, you are sure to find a diverse range anxiety relief applications you can use instantly. These techniques have been tried and tested by qualified complementary and allied health professionals and delivered simply for you to ’try on’ at home.
Experience calm and effective relief from anxiety.
The Anxiety Relief Handbook
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About the Author

Danielle Tooley is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Empowerment Coach and Energetic Body Whisperer. Danielle assists people in breaking free of limiting beliefs and thought patterns that are holding them back from living their best life using the tools of Access Consciousness®.

Danielle has over 20 years of experience in the wellness industry with a background in beauty therapy, massage, Kinesiology and Reflexology, completing many of her studies in London. Her business Vitality & You, is set up online and in person so that she can share these life changing tools and processes with clients from all over the world. From this space she can reach more clients to assist them in stepping into their brilliance and a life that works for them.

Danielle has a capacity with bodies, they whisper to her, sometimes as a pain in her own body or other times as something she just becomes aware of. They share where they would like to be set free with a question or a hands-on healing touch and people are often able to unlock suffering in their bodies that has been lingering for years and even their entire life. She has also assisted many people to manage stress and anxiety in both their business and personal life so that they can live a life beyond overwhelm.

One of her greatest gifts is that she is a coach of coaches. She propels people forward in the their wellness business to realise their own magic and abilities by teaching hands on healing and processes that they can share with their own clientele.

Danielle assists people with their business creations, strategies and systems through her group and 1-1 programs so that their wellness business can shine from the back to the front.

Danielle is also a mum of two magical unicorns and a fur baby where she resides in Melbourne, Australia.

Disclaimer: This book is a Hypnolab production.