The Anxiety Relief Handbook

The anxiety relief handbook is an essential resource for anyone experiencing anxiety. Whether you experience symptoms from time to time or for a long time, you are sure to find a diverse range of anxiety relief applications you can use instantly. These techniques have been tried and tested by qualified complementary and allied health professionals and delivered simply for you to ’try on’ at home.
Experience calm and effective relief from anxiety.

The Anxiety Relief Handbook
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About the Author

Amanda has spent almost three decades working in the Health and Wellness industry, with a broad range of experience covering health coaching, holistic counselling, flower essence therapy, remedial massage, palliative care and cranial sacral therapy.

It was during the early years of her corporate career in the media and music industry that she realised there must be another pathway! Dealing daily with stress, anxiety, never-ending deadlines, budgets and large personalities led her to explore and then study alternative ways to find health and balance in everyday life.  

Over the years Amanda has been able to support clients to move through and uncover their own roadblocks and triggers that prevent them from having their “life in balance”. With her experience and understanding of how stress, trauma and anxiety impact the body both physically and emotionally, Amanda helps clients uncover and release holding patterns that have become “oh so familiar.”

As one of the authors of The Anxiety Relief Handbook, Amanda will give insights into how Craniosacral Therapy can be effective when living and dealing with anxiety. She will share with you how this incredibly gentle, yet powerful modality and the self care tools and exercises can support you on your wellness journey.

In more recent years Amanda has supported groups in Melbourne with Cranial Sacral Therapy training along with her clinical practice – Essence of Life Natural Therapies, she offers clients a safe space to really connect with their own bodies in a deeply supported way, and help them find their balance within

Amanda is looking forward to helping you “Bring Balance back to Life…. “