Redefining Business Success

How do certain individuals…
Make business look easy?
Thrive amidst the chaos?
Maintain integrity and humility?

What is the book about?

1. Navigating the ups and downs of the business journey via a ‘heart centred approach’ that encompasses:
Kindness – Compassion – Strength and Resilience

Be inspired by 7 highly successful and diverse business owners across a variety of industries, genders and business stages. You will be captivated by a deep level of openness typically withheld in business settings.

2. Learn tools to enable you to access self leadership so that you can navigate our uncertain times ahead using the unique ‘6 Selves Model of Inquiry’ that will inspire you to thrive under any circumstance.

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Generosity & consideration to self, others and the planet

Honouring the personal & global struggle with an attitude of respect

Leaning in on the support & wisdom of your personal & professional inner circle

Continuously stepping in & showing up even when its confronting

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Debbie Zita is an Australian author and authority in heart centred business networking and self leadership.  Since 2012 she has mentored hundreds in Australia/ NZ and USA across an array of industries including health and wellbeing, law, design and education. Clients describe her as having the ability to ‘lovingly give them a metaphoric kick up the backside while somehow knowing, better than they do, their deepest fears and dreams.’


Vanessa Thomas is the owner of Synkd, a brand and design agency specialising in ‘bringing brands to life’. Her mission is to help small businesses get ‘in sync’ with their ideal customers through the power of design and creativity. Synkd do this by breathing new life into brands that are commercially driven and are visual solutions that attract ideal customers for profitable business growth.


Donna Sulja is well known for being steadfast in her Holistic Counselling practice, where she further supports her clients by having trained extensively in both Mastery and Transformational Coaching. Donna wants to make a meaningful impact in the lives of women, after experiencing quite a turbulent time in her own life, which initiated her own massive personal transformation.


Greg Roworth has been dubbed Australia’s #1 business growth strategist for owners of professional service firms and is the author of ‘Run Your Business on Autopilot – How to Leverage Your Business for Maximum Profit in Minimum Time’ and also ‘Cracking the Code – How to Break Free From Being Stuck In The Centre of Your Business, to Growing Your Business At The Strategic Level.’


Charith Bandara is a Software Consultant and entrepreneur with several years of experience in Real Estate investing and financial markets. Over his career he has been involved with many Business Systems developments, Web Technologies and Data science projects. He is also interested in projects that focus on issues of personal development, business development and economics.


Phoebe Lay is a social media marketing coach and mentor. As the Founder of digital marketing agency Thrive and Shine Co., Phoebe helps business owners start and scale their entrepreneurial journey through social media marketing. Phoebe combines her strategic business experience with her expertise in Facebook and online marketing to help entrepreneurs win big and have the confidence and strategy to succeed.


John Di Natale is well known as a mentor, speaker and author. His TEDx Talk in 2020 was memorable as he engaged his audience with the powerful question; ‘What do you want to be known for?” He expands on the subject, explaining that your expectations work at a subconscious level. “Are yours helping you achieve the life you really want – or are they holding you back?

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‘Redefining Business Success’ book here.

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